Lead Magnet

As the word suggests, it will attract the customer towards your product or service with great energy, gathering leads that will be yours forever. There is a space between the traffic generation phase and lead generation phase, and that space can be filled by using lead magnets. A customer will be attracted toward your product […]

Lead Capturing

Today, buyers are more inquisitive about the vendor; they try to gain as much information as they can before buying the product. For this, a buyer will go through different sites to collect the entire picture, and only then make up their mind to buy the product or service. A vendor can benefit from this […]

The 4 L’s of lead generation strategy

Now it is understood that digital marketing plays an important role in lead generation, but you need to focus on the content by which buyers will be attracted towards your product. Your content is your key to success in promoting your business. Content should be interesting and compelling to convert visitors into buyers, but capturing […]

Lead generation budget trends

Marketing strategies have changed, and thus the quality of marketing. Senior-level marketing executives and CMO’s are looking for quality leads to promote and optimize the sale and increase the return on investment. It is observed from the data that management is investing more on websites, social media and SEO instead of typical ways of promoting products. 53% of marketers […]

Definition and importance

Lead generation is the process to cultivate consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. For example: You went to a conference and you collected your potential customer’s emails, that is a lead for your sale. It is a process of searching for suitable customers for your product or service, those who show interest […]